Why use SousChef+ in your kitchen?


  • No loss of paper or misplaced laminated sheets.

  • See changes to recipes and important info instantly.

  • Access the whole recipe directory from your phone or tablet.

  • Export PDFs of recipes for printing and sharing.

  • Use the Clipboard for quick access to recipes and guides.

  • Scale recipe quantities with the built-in scaling tool.

SousChef+ is a tool designed for use in restaurants, small establishments and catering services.

The use of mobile devices (e.g. tablets) in kitchens is becoming increasingly common because they offer a wide range of advantages for the management and for the staff.  


SousChef+ enables you to create a custom directory for your recipe and kitchen guides making all updates, changes and important notes available to your staff.

The Clipboard is just one tap away.  Never lose track of your daily tasks again.


As an app administrator you will be able to:

  • Highlight important recipes in the app.

  • Create custom categories (think folders for recipes and guides) that suit your menu and kitchen.

  • Leave notes on recipes and share them with your users.

  • Add recipes without publishing them to your users until you’re ready.

  • Add links and videos to guides.

With SousChef+, managing and sharing information on recipes and kitchen guides will never be easier!

Easy to use for your employees…

Download for iOS and Android